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The band Violeta de Outono was formed in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1984, by Fabio Golfetti, Angelo Pastorello and Claudio Souza, building their own sonority by mixing the current tendencies of that time with Pink Floyd/Beatles psychedelia, and they rapidly gained attention from audiences and the media. Along more than 25 years down the road, the band stayed apart from the mainstream, achieving a cult reputation and international acknowledgement. Their concerts are known for a hypnotic atmosphere and spatial sounds, and became the band’s trademark. Their first LP, the homonymous release from 1987, featured a shadow-encased psychedelia that managed to attract fans of prog, post-punk and dark/gothic music.

Many years and albums later, Violeta de Outono released in 2007 “Volume 7”, a new landmark for the group’s sound, with influences from rock, jazz, pop and some of the 1970’s English Canterbury scene. Also from that period is the DVD “Seventh Brings Return – A tribute to Syd Barrett”, released in UK by the Voiceprint label.

Violeta de Outono’s founder, guitarist Fabio Golfetti, is currently the lead guitar player for renowned psychedelic band GONG, led by Daevid Allen (1938-2014). Fabio toured UK, Europe and Japan with GONG since 2012, and released the album “I See You” in 2014. Now the band is recording a new album to be release in September, 2016.

In 2012 Violeta de Outono released their new CD, “Espectro”, which gained warm reception both in Brazil and abroad. With their melodic, well-thought approach to rock music, Violeta de Outono is enjoying growing recognition from listeners and musical press. The current line-up is Fabio Golfetti (guitar & vocal), Gabriel Costa (bass), José Luiz Dinola (drums) and Fernando Cardoso (organ, piano & synth).